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NOW ON HULU: The Heartbreaking Mattson Tomlin Mother / Android turns another sci-fi / woodland horror film into an in-depth dramatic exploration of love under attack in war. Georgia (Chloe Grace Moretz) is a college-aged girl living in an alternate reality where human-looking androids are used as servants. Georgia and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) found out she was pregnant just before going to a Christmas party. It makes for a hell of a time during the holidays. And wouldn’t you know, the androids chose Christmas to rise up and slaughter their human masters.

So, after one of the most festive visions of the apocalypse ever, time jumps nine months later with the North American war between Android and Human in full swing, and Georgia is on the verge of a give birth. She and Sam sleep in abandoned buildings and forage for food as civilization has collapsed. They are trying to find a way to get into Boston because they heard that there are ships taking families overseas to peaceful countries. But first, they must pass through a forest teeming with androids that never sleep.

(Photo by: Seacia Pavao / Hulu)

“…the androids chose Christmas to rise up and slaughter their human masters.

Let us first unload the chipoteur wagon of this train and then come to the remarkable aspects. He’s a sad m ********** r. Everything is dirty brown or broken gray or sickly green. While art direction that is soggy and rotten is appropriate for the subject, having to spend so much time in the dark is taxing. Additionally, science fiction genre viewers will immediately see how derivative the premise is, with Blade runnerThe uprising of the replicants poured like cold coffee into the well-worn 28 days later assault. Plus, it’s another example of filmmakers going out into the woods to rub two sticks together and make a movie. I review mostly low budget movies and see this forest planting a lot, double digit amounts this year alone. Mother / Android works hard to make the woodland setting relevant, but that doesn’t hide all the hikes from the viewer. So we have a lack of variety in settings and tone, as well as another zombie image with mechanical zombies. Why bother?

Start with, Mother / Android does a masterful job crafting a true blend of sci-fi and horror. Science fiction is anchored in history in a crucial way. It’s not just a zombie in a spacesuit. In addition, the horror elements are very effective. The house of torture that the androids operate is particularly strange, with their eyes glowing in the dark. Although the ingredients of the genre are familiar, the preparation will satisfy fans of the fantastic. All in all, the elements of the genre are sugar to help some tough drama medicine go down. The agony of war is difficult for an audience to translate, as only one section can understand the reasons for the insanity of a given military action. Presenting the roots of the conflict in a science fiction context allows for greater identification with the situation of the survivors. This allows the film to use its greatest strength, an absolutely breathtaking performance by Moretz.

Although she is already an accomplished character actress, Moretz shows that she has an emotional depth that can extend to the darkest extremes of feelings. With Smith providing the perfect and constant foundation of perseverance to react against, Moretz is able to deliver a commanding performance that should be reckoned with in the upcoming awards season. Moretz grabs hold of emotions that many will never experience and clearly conveys them to the audience. I will never underestimate her again as someone who just swears and kills people. At the end, Mother / Android is a dramatic triumph that uses the alchemy of cosmic horror to convey serious expressionism. Well worth the trip to the dark woods.


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