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I sincerely admire the evolution and growth of young emerging filmmaker Kabir McNeely. His first feature film, The lies we tell, was a very ambitious, if flawed, micro-budget independent film. Now he is starting to come into his own and is showing fantastic progress with his short film, My name is Moe.

McNeely stars as Moe, a young man struggling with a weight problem. Every day is a constant reminder that he’s fat, a failure, and needs to lose a ton of weight. Every day he remembers his condition as he is ridiculed by children, becomes a disappointment to his coach and parents, and is made fun of by his peers. The pressure mounts when Moe is invited over to a friend’s house for a party, and he decides he needs to lose ten pounds in two days.

“Each day is a constant reminder that it is fat, a failure and must lose a ton of weight.”

My name is Moe is a fantastic short, so I’ll make my review brief. Better sound and better lighting is the next step in the right direction for a filmmaker without a budget. Recording equipment is still cheap, and decent but inexpensive lighting is worth the investment at just a few hundred dollars.

The story is where McNeely succeeds. Filmmaker puts us directly in the shoes of Moe’s shame. Though we’re all familiar with feelings of bullying and self-loathing, McNeely uses a calendar and post-it notes to bring out the hopelessness we feel in this daily struggle to lose weight and feel healthy. He also courageously guides us down the path of eating disorders, especially bulimia.

My name is Moe succeeds because writer/director/star Kabir McNeely connects audiences to Moe’s issues from the start. He then walks us through every painful emotion and thought of his main character. McNeely then finds the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is a formula for great storytelling.

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