Netflix film boss teases David Fincher’s The Killer as provocative


With a slew of high-profile titles set to land soon, Netflix is ​​well on its way to asserting itself as one of the premier destinations for the world’s greatest directors. Head of Global Films Scott stuber told Variety about four of them—David Fincher, who works on The killer; the Russo brothers, who will return to the big budget cinema with The gray man; and Bradley Cooper, who will lead Maestro for the streamer.

Each movie apparently targets a different demographic in the streamer’s 200 million plus subscriber base. With The killer, Fincher returns to his comfort zone, through which, ironically, he has created some of the most uncomfortable films of the past two decades. A hitman movie with Michael fassbender, The killer finds Fincher playing in a sandbox he knows well. The filmmaker has directed renowned psychological thrillers such as Se7en, The girl with the dragon tattoo, and Zodiac, as well as the acclaimed series Spirit hunter. He has had a long and successful partnership with Netflix, which began with Card castle, continued with Spirit hunter and man, and is expected to last another four years thanks to a new agreement.


Stuber tantalizingly described The killer as “provocative and interesting”. He said:

“This is the methodology of this world, which David details better than anyone. He’s so good at the detail of the method… to watch something unfold. It’s a great, really fun movie in the hands of one of the best filmmakers.


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But in the summer, Stuber plans to release the service’s own “Bond or Bourne genre film”. The gray man, a $ 200 million action movie from Avengers: Endgame directors Antoine and Joe russo, featuring Chris evans and Ryan gosling. Calling it a “great fun and globetrotting spy movie,” Stuber said of the film:

“Ryan and Chris, their dynamics are great. Their chemistry is excellent. Ana de Armas is great in the movie. They just have a really great cast. It will be one of our big summer movies next year.

The streamer also landed Maestro, the sequel to Cooper’s successful directorial debut A star is born. Co-featured Carey mulligan, Maestro is a biopic of a legendary composer Leonard Bernstein and arose out of a phone call Cooper made to Stuber about two years ago. The producer recalled:

“About 18 months ago, [Bradley] called and said, “Can we have breakfast?” We sat for about two and a half hours and talked about it. Then I read it, and we met again and went through all the notes. You could see how deep he was in it. We have done a lot of work on makeup. We have worked a lot on the voice. I am delighted to see someone so deeply focused on creating a story that means so much to them. And Carey Mulligan is an amazing actress. We have seen her do such a good job. Promising Young Woman was, I think, one of the best of the last year.

In addition to these titles, Netflix will also be releasing director. André Dominiqueit’s a long time to do Marilyn monroe biopic Blond, featuring Ana de Armas in the lead role. Stay tuned to Collider for more updates on these projects!

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