Netflix Viewers Say Judd Apatow’s The Bubble Is The ‘Worst’ Movie They’ve Ever Seen


Judd Apatow’s new comedy landed on Netflix on April 1 – and viewers are unimpressed. You can check out the trailer here:

The pandemic film, titled The bubble, stars Karen Gillan, Leslie Mann, David Duchovny and Fred Armisen, and focuses on actor Carol Cobb (Gillan) who starred in the film franchise Beasts of the cliffs.

Despite having previously left the franchise to focus on other projects, Cobb is drawn in for the sixth sequel, which happens to be filming amid the pandemic.

Cobb joins his castmates at a hotel in the English countryside to spend a few weeks in quarantine before production begins, but the whole thing ends up being plagued by mishaps, both viral and otherwise.

The bubble arrived on Netflix on April 1 and its reviews weren’t particularly rave – the Independent said it was “fleetingly funny but largely bad”, while The Hollywood Reporter called it a “painfully unfunny parody of ‘a pandemic film’. Ouch.

The bubble. Credit: Netflix

And it wasn’t just the critics who were disappointed, Netflix viewers took to social media to have their own say – and they didn’t hold back.

One person wrote, “Worst big budget movie ever made? The bubble on Netflix. I have never been so annoyed by wasted time!

Another commented: ‘Have you ever wished you had more hours in the day? look The bubble on Netflix. He somehow manages to make two hours feel like four.

While a third asked: “Uh, is this a comedy? I didn’t laugh once in the first 30 minutes.

Someone else tweeted: “While there were some funny moments, it’s a 2 hour distraction, with unfunny, occasionally grating writing, and just poor satire overall. You better watch Don’t look upwhich is a much better satire on Netflix.”

The bubble.  Credit: Netflix
The bubble. Credit: Netflix

Even Apatow seems to consider that The bubble maybe a bad decision.

He told the Guardian: “It ruins everything with the storytelling! No one wants to see Idris Elba do another season of Luther wear a mask. This is our nightmare as consumers.

“So I just thought: if I do it, I will 100%. Be stupid enough to try. Maybe I did something that people appreciate or maybe I did a terrible mistake.

You can find out for yourself what it is because The bubble is streaming on Netflix now.


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