Netizens attack movie critics for ‘Eternals’


‘Eternals’, the epic American superhero film, hit screens in the United States and other countries today. Based on the Marvel Comics run of the same name, director Chloe Zhao is produced by Marvel Studios. The first screenings for film critics drew negative reviews and this was not well received by many Internet users as well as some cinema watchers.

Commenting on the development, columnist Clayton Davis wrote, “Rotten my ass! ‘Eternals’ is so dumb. Unconventional, unpredictable and an evolution of the way Marvel movies could and should be told. Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and Brian Tyree Henry are my turn forever or die … everything is perfect! “

Internet users attack movie critics about Eternals

A netizen attacked Rotten Tomatoes for delisting ‘Eternals’. “Rotten Tomatoes said ‘Sharknado’ is better than ‘Step Brothers’. I’ll never understand why people use their reviews as a predetermined opinion or sentiment towards a movie,” he wrote. “I absolutely loved this movie! Beauty, heart and humanity. Thena is my queen and she must be protected at all costs,” commented another social media user.

Internet users attack movie critics about Eternals

“I loved ‘Eternals’ too. Let’s get those types of positive reviews to spread instead of the negative shots that try to fuel the trolls (sic),” wrote film critic Paul McGuire Grimes. “I saw two reviews for ‘Eternals’ – one that said it was taken too seriously and the other that said the mythology was ridiculous. God, welcome to the comics. People have something that doesn’t. don’t wink at them and they don’t. I don’t know how to act. Personally, I can’t wait (sic), “film reporter Richard Newby tweeted.


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