New series ‘Reginald the Vampire’ is one of many to boost Victoria’s film industry


Residents will soon be able to see Victoria on their television screens by Reginald the VampireSYFY’s new drama series is set to premiere early next month.

The series stars Jacob Batalon, best known for his roles in Marvel’s Spider Man trilogy, and was filmed entirely in the capital city of British Columbia, with snippets of teasing locations from the trailer like the Empress Hotel and Esquimalt Gorge Park.

“It sounds like a really great little show,” Kathleen Gilbert, film commissioner for the South Vancouver Island Film and Media Commission, said in an interview with CHEK News.

“We hope they come back for a season two,” she said. “So as long as everyone’s watching it, they’ll be back for season two.”

Earlier this year, passers-by might recall an auto service store at the corner of Glanford and Vanalman avenues turned into a TV — a fast-food restaurant called the “Slushy Shack” where Batalon’s character Reginald works. .

“Imagine a world populated by handsome, fit, and vain vampires,” reads the series’ synopsis.

“Reginald Andres falls headlong into it as an unlikely hero who will have to overcome all kinds of obstacles – the girl he loves but he can’t be with, a bullying manager at work, and the vampire boss who wants him dead. .”

The series is based on the book by Johnny B. Truant Fat Vampire.

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According to Gilbert, the show is one of about 30 to tour locally this year, contributing to an estimated “direct spend” of $40 million for 2022.

“And by direct spend, what I mean by that is that producers are taking out of their pockets, taking out of their wallets, and leaving here in our community,” she said.

“It’s not their budget, it’s not the money they give to their big Hollywood actors, it’s the money they give to their crew, to hotels, to building materials, to gasoline, restaurants, all those things.”

While impressive, Gilbert says business this year isn’t quite on par with last year’s, especially after a strike by the Directors Guild last June slowed productions during the winter months. ‘summer.

“Last year was our peak year. If it hadn’t been for the strike (this year) we probably would have been close to that,” Gibert said, noting that direct spending for 2021 was around 60 million dollars, since around 40 shows employed 2,000 people.

She says both Reginald the Vampire and those of Netflix Housemaid began filming last year this year, and the two “toured for a long time and spent a lot of money here” even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I think the reason we did so well on COVID, I mean we were one of the few industries that actually increased our productivity. First, people were watching, they wanted content. We are considered a manufacturing industry, so we were not forced to close,” Gilbert said.

“We were really, really busy during COVID. It was great,” she recalls.

“We put people in hotel rooms where, generally speaking, if it hadn’t been for the film industry here in Victoria during COVID, those hotels would have suffered even more than them. Most of the people in their bed were movie people.

Gilbert says a Hallmark Christmas show just wrapped filming locally, the new reality show, Farming for Loveturns in Chemainus, and another television series, Holidaysis currently filming until December.

“It looks like a pretty busy fall,” Gilbert added.

“Looking forward to next year, we have a number of shows that have already been confirmed, which is really unusual to have something confirmed so soon.”

Alongside Batalon, Em Haine, Rachelle Goulding and Aren Buchholz also star in Reginald the Vampireproduced by Great Pacific Media Inc., Modern Story Company, December Films and Cineflix Studios.

The first season premieres October 5 on SYFY.

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