OTT Streaming: Kerala Film Body Maintains 42-Day Period Status Quo For Now


The Kerala Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has decided to maintain the status quo by allowing films to be streamed through OTT after 42 days after their theatrical release.

The Malayalam film industry apex body had raised the issue for discussion among stakeholders after the United Organization of Film Exhibitors of Kerala (FEUOK) called for the release window to be extended to 56 days. He said audiences were staying away from cinemas after some producers released their films on digital platforms four weeks after their theatrical release.

Explaining that a final decision on setting the release window would be made later, G. Sureshkumar, chairman of KFCC, said the producers’ association had requested more time to discuss whether streaming OTT was to be extended beyond the existing 42-day period.

“Such discussions are also progressing among stakeholders in other states. The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce had recently suggested to allow OTT release of big budget films only after eight weeks of theatrical release,” he said.

K. Vijayakumar, Chairman of FEUOK, said that many prefer watching a movie on the OTT platform given the short interval between theatrical release and digital streaming. “It particularly affected box office collections of low- and mid-budget films,” he said.

On whether they would prefer to extend the current 42-day window to 56 days, Mr. Renjith, Chairman of the Kerala Film Producers Association (KFPA), pointed out that the association would take the initiative to organize discussions between its members before taking a last call. .

“We plan to discuss the matter with representatives of various OTT platforms. The association also looks into the ongoing discussions in the Tamil and Telugu film industries,” he said.


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