Planet Blig Space Bikers


Planet Blig Space Bikers that does not make any sense. It’s scattered, oddly lively, and even a little too convoluted. But, what makes even less sense than the movie itself is the fact that I enjoyed it. The 23-minute short doesn’t quite know what it wants to be; is it a comedy? A drama? An action film ? I’m not sure, and I don’t think Apostoly co-writer/director Peter Kouroumalis and co-writer Jay McKiernan are sure either. But, no matter how difficult the production, the bizarre sci-fi tale managed to entertain me and even provide a laugh or two along the way.

In the dark depths of space exist Planet Blig’s Space Bikers. Bud (Brandon Horsford), one of the bikers, is tasked with defending the universe and keeping the peace. Bud is a towering and frightening figure, but this journey may be too much for even him to handle, as he will be tested like never before.

Bud, one of the bikers, is in charge of defending the universe…”

The animation in Planet Blig Space Bikers is sturdy and rough. It’s easy to let small mistakes creep their way into a low-budget animated film. But it’s just as easy to ignore them. However, the consistency throughout is fantastic. I can appreciate the work that has gone into developing the unique and useful designs for the film.

But I’m troubled by the dubbing because it’s just as frustrating and entertaining. The voices don’t match the aesthetic of the characters, who all come across as grotesque and gnarly. But the voice acting is so interesting and funny, and oddly enjoyable as a result. Horsford is perhaps the weirdest of them all. He’s both quirky and appealing in his decisions, and the fact that he’s so quirky is oddly inviting. He is the perfect choice as a leader. Horsford, along with other unique reasons, explain why the film is so entertaining.

There’s a lot of content jammed into this twisted tale of otherworldly invasion, and it works. The story feels a little chaotic, but there’s not much to slow the momentum. This sci-fi odyssey unfolds quickly, capturing viewers’ interest and keeping them engaged throughout. It’s a particular movie about space, biker gangs and love and it’s really one of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a long time. The marriage of unique visuals, unique voice acting, and a narrative that twists and morphs from the start creates something truly enjoyable. There’s nothing like it Planet Blig Space Bikersand I doubt I’ll ever see anything like it again.


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