Rogue One vs Solo: which Star Wars movie is better?


the Star wars The franchise returned to theaters in 2015 and announced two spinoffs to further explore the universe first introduced to us by the brilliant mind of George Lucas. The excitement skyrocketed, especially since, for the first time, audiences would see live-action movies outside of Skywalker’s main storyline. But between Thief one and Solo, what is better?

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the first of the films to be released in 2016, and it was well received by critics and audiences alike. The film, directed by Gareth Edwards, takes place before Episode IV – A New Hope and the story of the Death Star’s stolen plans that would later help the resistance destroy it. Two years later, Ron Howard Solo: A Star Wars Story has been freed. The film describes how Han Solo became a smuggler and played Alden Ehrenreich in the title role. It received mixed reactions, and it wasn’t as much of a success as Lucasfilm expected.

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It may seem unfair to compare the two films as they are essentially two different films: one is a portrayal of an isolated event and the other is an origin story. They present different issues as much as they represent different characters and outcomes. Thief one is a war film, while Solo is a junkyard movie. What really stands out is that Thief one performed much better at the box office, earning $ 155 million in its first opening weekend, compared to a disappointing $ 83.3 million for Solo. Both films have undergone numerous revivals and have reported production issues. While Thief one knew how to surpass them, Solo was dominated by them – especially the replacement of the mid-production manager.

The public was not aware Thief oneplenty of shots until the film’s release, and it became apparent that there were a lot of missing scenes in the trailers. Solo had its directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller replaced by Ron Howard, apparently due to creative differences. As such, the film has undergone massive covers, causing its budget to skyrocket. SoloThe reputation of s was already bad after the film was released. The timing may also have hurt the film given that it was released just five months later. The Last Jedi, which really divided the opinions of audiences and fans around the world.

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Focusing on the storytelling, what really separates these two films is their concept. Gareth Edwards was well aware of how the Vietnam War influenced George Lucas in the first creation Star wars, and Thief one returns to this point of view with a war film centered on sacrifice for the greater good. It features well-written characters, particularly Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso and Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor, a diverse cast, franchise true to the franchise, and an innovative aesthetic. Plus, the film features many nods to the original. Star wars, with little cameos from characters like Princess Leia and Darth Vader.

On the other hand, Solo is an origin movie that focuses on how Han Solo became a smuggler, won Lando’s Millennium Falcon, and befriended his partner Chewie. It is a stylized film which, unlike Thief one, don’t take a lot of risks. Despite a few surprises, a good performance by Alden Ehrenreich, and an overall fun movie, it’s not as exciting and satisfying as Thief one. It lacks substance and grip, and it survives mostly through the nostalgia and respect that make Star wars a great frankness.

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A comparison can certainly be drawn on each movie played, how they were received and certainly how one was more daring than the other. Thief one met expectations and stayed true to Star wars spirit. In contrast, Solo lost its way and became just a generic movie. As an origin story, it aims to give a little more context to one of the saga’s most beloved characters, but falls short of the reach and success of Thief one. The fact that so many things had to be changed in the middle of production and the rumors that leaked during production may have contributed to its performance dragging down.

While the two films aren’t particularly necessary for the Skywalker timeline – they’re meant to fill in the gaps in some of the franchise’s biggest moments. Always, Thief one is an entrance filled with admiration, spectacle and nods to the franchise that soars far above Solo.

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