Sadie Frost to star in mental health film created by Maidstone director


A director about to shoot his first short with actress Sadie Frost is crowdfunding to start production.

Maidstone’s Jamie Tree has teamed up with the Dracula star to create the film titled Boxed In.

Jamie Tree, director

The film explores mental health as a physical threat, an idea based on Jamie’s early experiences with anxiety.

Jamie, 21, said: “When I sat down to write my first film, I was inspired by my own mental health issues.

“I was a young teenager then suffering from anxiety.

“So grappling with that, I really want to tell a story about how I felt, going through those things.

“What makes the film completely unique is that it presents mental health as a physical threat.”

Sadie Frost
Sadie Frost

Jamie explained how he managed to land Sadie for the role, he added: “Our amazing casting director, Andrew Davies, managed to put the script in his hands through Sadie’s agent.

“She liked the story and was drawn to the character, so she agreed to join the project.

“She has been amazing since coming on board and is always ready to help out where she can.”

Sadie said, “I’m so excited to be involved in such an exciting and interesting project with such wonderful, up-and-coming young filmmakers.”

Jamie and his co-director Vlad-Paul Ghilaș raise capital through Indiegogo, an online platform that brings users together to support crowdfunding campaigns.

Poster for 'Boxed in'
Poster for ‘Boxed in’

Jamie added: “We are currently in the fundraising process so our focus is on getting around £10,000 for crowdfunding and then the remaining £30,000 through our private investors – our total budget is of £40,000.

“The biggest part of it is actually making sure we could pay our crew and treat them well.

“The movie we’re trying to make here is something special, so there’s a lot going on.”

During his trip, he met Vlad, 22, on LinkedIn.

He said: “I read the script and in a few meetings I ended up pitching it to him.

Poster for 'Boxed in'
Poster for ‘Boxed in’

“I asked to be co-director, because I honestly believe this project has something, you know, like a really good concept, it has a really strong message, so that’s how it all started. “

Filming is expected to take place over five days at two separate locations, one of which will be in Boughton Monchelsea.


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