Six-figure film festival and conference to screen new horror movies, shorts, and more

0 (SYS), hosts SYS’ Six-Figure Film Festival and Conference, a conference focused on best practices associated with screenwriting, producing, editing, distributing and promoting films budget and independents October 7-9, at the Yard Theater, 4319 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

Films screened and discussed range from 2-minute shorts produced for next to nothing to feature films with budgets in excess of six figures. The films span a range of genres and issues and come from filmmakers around the world with a focus on local Los Angeles talent. Tickets for the event are available on the website:

Among this year’s films is director Katsuto Kobayashi and Kenji Kobayashi’s horror-comedy love shackin which Serial Killer places a hidden camera in a hotel room with the intention of filming his malicious actions on an escort he calls that night, John Woodruff’s horror animal among ussetting murder mystery in a camp, and director Ashley Scott Meyers The Carpool Killer with Tuesday Knight, Victoria De Mare, Croix Provence and Eric Roberts.


Founded by filmmaker and podcaster Ashley Scott Meyers, SYS is dedicated to helping screenwriters produce their films. SYS offers a variety of free and paid resources, including a weekly podcast where indie screenwriters and directors are interviewed, a screenplay contest, and a treasure trove of blog posts helping screenwriters with specific elements of the screenwriting process.


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