Spider-Man: No Way Home Deemed Ineligible By BAFTA Film Awards, But Oscars Still On The Line


Jon Watt’s Spider-Man: No Coming Home would love to achieve something that doesn’t usually happen, to become the highest-grossing movie of the year that also earns a Best Picture nomination. marvel’s Black Panther and the James Cameron sci-fi thriller Avatar are the two most recent examples of movies that accomplished both, though financial success doesn’t usually translate into awards. No coming home may crack the superhero ceiling in February, when the Oscar nominations are revealed, but the film won’t be vying for any BAFTA awards, thanks to a technicality that keeps it out of that competition.

The BAFTAs have apparently made it clear that any film seeking to be eligible must make itself available to voting members on a portal called BAFTA View, so that it can be offered to all members before the first round of voting. Deadline reports that Sony Pictures Entertainment did not submit the film to BAFTA’s online viewing site, so it did not meet the eligibility criteria.

Rules are rules, and Sony absolutely had to get Spider-Man: No Coming Home on BAFTA View if he wanted the superhero blockbuster to compete with likely nominees such as Belfast, The power of the dogWhere West Side Story. At the same time, it is a technique that keeps No coming home irrelevant, and it’s not that the BAFTAs watched the film and deemed it unworthy. Which should keep the flame of hope burning in the hearts of all Spider-Man fans who would love to see the critically acclaimed webslinger on top of all his financial box office successes.

Spider-Man in Upside Down Suit with Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home

(Photo credit: Sony Pictures)

It’s unusual that Sony hasn’t made sure they’ve completed all of the components necessary to retain Spider-Man: No Coming Home eligible for a BAFTA. During the race for the Oscars, each individual award one can compete for helps keep the momentum going in the race for the Oscars. And Sony runs For Your Consideration ads on behalf of Spider-Man: No Coming Home in Hollywood trades, which means they’re serious about competing this year. Missing out on the BAFTAs due to a rule violation seems odd.

The Oscars will announce their full list of nominations on February 8, and we’ll see if Spider-Man: No Coming Home is a contender, or will just have to be happy as a box office juggernaut since it opened in theaters on December 17. Personally, I would love to see the film win a Best Picture nomination, although I doubt it has much of a chance of winning. Just entering the conversation is a step in the right direction. And if you ask me, Spider-Man: No Coming Home is the best movie released last year. So yes, nominate him.


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