The director of Venom was shocked by the poor reception of the film


Venom director Ruben Fleischer expresses surprise at the film’s disappointing reviews after critics slammed Eddie Brock’s debut film.

Venom director Ruben Fleischer admitted to being surprised by the film’s negative reviews.

In an interview with, Fleischer expressed his disappointment with Venomthe critical performance of, describing it as “a disappointment” after working so hard on the film. He also admitted to being shocked by the negative reviews after hearing so many positive responses in theaters. “I think it’s unwarranted because the audience really loved the movie,” he said. “Otherwise I don’t think it would have been quite the success it has been.”

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Fleischer remains optimistic that Venom will be a long-term success despite its poor reviews. “There are a lot of movies that are loved and when they came out were slammed by critics,” he continued. “It’s just a shame that Rotten Tomatoes exists as this aggregate that will forever have a rating assigned to one thing.” Although Venom was not the critical success Fleischer had hoped for, he added that he was happy to forego praise as long as audiences enjoy his films.

by Fleischer Venom The film was released in 2018 and stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom. Hardy portrays a struggling journalist trying to expose Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the CEO of Life Foundation, which conducts lethal human trials. However, Eddie’s plan goes awry when his body is possessed by the alien symbiote Venom. With his newly acquired superhuman strength, Eddie and Venom team up to put an end to Carlton’s experiments.

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Despite a star cast, Venom was fairly poorly received by critics, earning only 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. Conversely, audiences loved the film, giving it an 81% favorable rating with over 25,000 reviews.

VenomNegative reviews haven’t stopped it from performing well financially either. The film grossed $856.1 million worldwide on an estimated budget of $100 million. This success led to a sequel, with Venom: let there be carnage in theaters in October 2021. let there be carnage received better reviews than its predecessor, and plans are already in place for a third Venom film, with Hardy expressing his investment in the franchise.

Fleischer, however, did not return to direct the second installment, with Andy Serkis directing the sequel instead. That said, Fleischer is not opposed to returning to Venom, especially if Spider-Man is involved. “We’ll have to see. I mean, it would honestly be a dream come true to bring those two worlds together,” he explained. “It’s going to be a tremendous battle between these two characters, so…whether I’m directing it or not, I’ll definitely be happy to see it.”

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