The lost treasure | Cinematic threat


Stella Tinucci’s family adventure film, The lost treasure, takes us into the tradition and legend of the Hawaiian Islands. Eddie Fox (Josh Margulies) is a private investigator / treasure hunter / con artist who makes a living in Hawaii. His family have lived there for generations, and all Eddie has to show is an antique pocket compass handed to him by famous explorer John Young.

Hit on evil and power-hungry Charles Wellington (Dezmond Gilla), who discovered the legend of an ancient and mystical spear that holds great power – enough to destroy the island. Wellington is determined to find him and use the power for himself. Clues to its location can be found in an ancient book closely guarded by Mahina (Angelica Quinn), who barely escapes the clutches of Wellington’s goons, Leilani (Terry Bookhart) and Kainoa (Kava Jones).

“… discovered an old one and mystical spear who holds great power – enough power to destroy the island.

Needing a safe place for this mystical tome, Mahina gives it to Eddie because he is a descendant of Young. Soon after, Leilani and Kainoa hunt down PI, but with the help of his partner, Maleko (William Roehl) and his new friend Tanya (Stella Tinucci), Eddie escapes their clutches. Mahina’s magic book syncs perfectly with Eddie’s compass, so now he’s looking for the spear. The artifacts change hands several times between Eddie and Wellington, leading to a race for ultimate power.

The lost treasure is a low budget independent family adventure. B-Movies fans will recognize the Corman-style rapid-fire guerrilla flick that stretches every inch to its minimal late 19th-century sets, props, and adventurer costumes. This makes the visuals feel great when needed, although nothing seems expensive either.


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