The One Movie Even Stephen King Said Was Too Scary To Finish It


On June 19, 1999, Stephen King was walking near his home in Maine when a distracted driver knocked him over in a minivan, leaving King hospitalized for almost a month. King suffered multiple very serious injuries, to the point that doctors debated having one of his legs amputated due to the damage. Although King luckily survived, the recovery process was understandably difficult. The pain he endured was so intense that King had even announced he was retiring from writing. Fortunately, with time and healing, King was able to continue to write, telling us amazing stories like “Dream Catcher”, “Cell”, “Under the Dome”, “11/22/63”, “The Outsider”, “The Institute,” and its sequel to “The Shining,” the terrifying “Doctor Sleep”.

King’s relatives naturally wanted to help him heal in any way he could, and his son thought it would be a good idea to bring him a VHS copy of the terrifying Foundations film, “The Blair Witch Project.” Thanks to the combination of recovering from his injury, the talent of directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, and plenty of pain relievers, the movie proved too difficult for King and he couldn’t finish the movie. “I was in the hospital and I was on drugs. My son brought a VHS tape and he said, ‘You have to watch this. “Halfway through, I said, ‘Turn it off, that’s too creepy,'” King said in the documentary.


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