‘The Power of the Dog’ Tops Music City Film Critics Association Award Nominations


There were a lot of things to settle while watching the year 2021 in the cinema. But, that’s exactly what the Music City Film Critics Association was loaded earlier in the month. The result? The MCFCA award nominations were announced earlier this week. For a full rundown of this year’s nominees, you can head to another corner of the internet and check out Erica Ciccarone. Nashville Stage Play.

Those of whom you regularly read SoBros Network know very well that I am not the movie buff here. I saw 28 new movies in 2021. I went to the theater nine times – including trips to see Godzilla vs. Kong, a GI Joe movie and FOUR Marvel movies. I’m not the guy who’s gonna sit here and talk about the intricacies of Nicolas Cage’s career and how we got to Pork, nor will I get poetic about the emotional toll that Mass requires soul. You need a quote Presenter? I am your guy. You want to talk about the technical aspects of alley of nightmares? Good luck.

I can’t break down every field like the guys did on The Vick’s Flicks podcast embedded below. But what I can do is talk about the profound effect that watching The power of the dog had on me. Of the 28 -new- movies I’ve seen in 2021 (or, may I put Killing them softly and Trumbo on my “best of 2021” list? How does it work?), I had The power of the dog in the top spot, so I have no qualms about this movie dominating the MCFCA names. There are absolutely haunting and unique performances across the board – and not “haunting” in the literal sense of the word. But, that unsettling, haunting feeling that makes your gut say “there’s something wrong with one or all of these people and I can’t figure it out.“Some may criticize its slow-burning nature, but I consider it essential to the emotional bloodshed we encounter in the film’s final sequence.

It’s a twist for the ages…one that completely caught me off guard, and I’m proud of my ability to detect a twist coming. To hell, Jane Campion, for the damage you’ve done to my fragile ego. But, I think what I enjoyed the most about the ending was how provocative it was and how that critical, slow-burning nature brings up different feelings in all of us as we learn about each character and see pieces of our own lives and experiences within them. . I called it tragic and said (characters redacted to avoid spoilers), “wow – I really thought we were at a turning point with [REDACTED].” I spoke with a friend who basically said “good for [REDACTED].”

The ending also puts a spin on everything we’ve seen before. It’s like emotional Principle. I watch the events of the film unfold in time, then with a single sequence I suddenly watch them in my mind with a completely different perspective. Simply brilliant – from Campion to Benedict Cumberbatch to Kirsten Dunst, Kodi Smit-McPhee and even the charming charisma of Jesse Plemons, it was a home run in storytelling, acting, cinematography, nine yards .

And, I needed a fucking drink after I sat down.

Our resident film critic and MCFCA member Brandon Vick and I sat down with MCFCA President Sean Atkins to talk about the award nominations and what each of them thought of the nominees, as well as the question important to know whether or not Dunes actually counts as an action movie. Enjoy!

Listen to “Ep. 93: 2021 Music City Film Critics Association Nominations” on Spreaker.

You can also get Brandon’s opinion on The power of the dog here.

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