The reformatting of the European Film Awards as a remote live event




– Cineuropa will also host the live broadcast of the ceremony, which will take place on December 11 in Berlin but with on-site participation limited to nominees and winners

The 34th European Cinema Prize will take place as a live ceremony, broadcast and broadcast from Berlin, on Saturday 11 December 2021. It will not include the usual audience of academy members, partners and guests from the film industry, and will not be followed by international media. Participation will be limited to nominees and winners.

The decision recognizes the deterioration of the situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic in a growing number of European countries and in Germany. The pandemic will affect all the events that usually take place during the awards weekend. The ceremony will again be broadcast and broadcast live on the awards ceremony the Web, as well as here, on Cineuropa, partner press for the awards.

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Matthijs Wouter Knol, CEO and Director of European Academy of Cinema, says: “It is to our great regret, and we realize that this must be a huge disappointment for many in Europe. And we too are very disappointed. But faced with the responsibility for such an event, we see no other choice. The risk would simply be too high. We will now continue to put all our efforts to make this event a special one – for those who can attend and for those who will follow us from elsewhere.

The award procedures are not affected, ie most of the awards are currently voted on directly by the more than 4,100 members of the European Cinema Academy.

As a reminder, the awards ceremony will also host for the second time the announcement of the three nominees for the LUX Public Prize, the Pan-European Audience Award created by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy which will be voted on by audiences across Europe.

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