/Top 10 movies of 2021


Steven Spielberg films his cast against a grainy, semi-realistic background (with lens flares!), and we watch in awe as the characters dance and sing, and ultimately suffer horrific tragedies. There is a cruelty in “West Side Story”, because it is ultimately the story of a love that cannot survive in a violent and hostile environment. As Anita sings, “Life can be bright in America.” But not for these characters. But there is a lot of life here too. In fact, it’s one of the most vivid films in recent memory, and one of Spielberg’s best too. And that means something. (Chris Evangelist)

A marvelous explosion of color, emotion and kinetics, Steven Spielberg’s first musical did what many (myself included) thought impossible: it took a classic, Oscar-winning and undeniable cinematic triumph, and delivered it. improved. (Ben Pearson)

Although the concept of the musicals is pure theatrics, Spielberg gives this classic an authentic feel that makes you think people may have gotten into song and dance in 1957. It’s a story with a twist. old in colorful new packaging, and it couldn’t be more phenomenal. (Ethan Anderson)


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