Why Marvel’s ‘Armor Wars’ Became a Movie


Not long ago, we learned that Marvel Studios had opted to scrap plans for an “Armor Wars” TV series, with the Don Cheadle-led project instead being redeveloped as a feature film.

Don Cheadle returns to his longtime MCU role as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes and stays on board to star, while showrunner Yassir Lester stays on as the film’s writer.

Speaking to The Town Podcast, Marvel Studios head Nate Moore has now explained why said plan was changed, revealing it was all about budget and scale:

“There were some great ideas coming out for this show, but that, to be completely honest, felt like too big for this show. Our Disney+ shows are awesome, and we love them, but budgets aren’t the same as features, it’s no secret. When you’re talking about a show that wants to be seeing all the cool armor, and Don Cheadle interacting with all of that armor, and the legacy of Tony Stark, it’s become prohibitively expensive to do as a show.

Turning the project into a feature, Moore says they can now use some of the images on the editing side of the equation. Additionally, they could “exploit ideas from this film that affect other films down the line.” This impact on the MCU’s larger overarching continuity became a defining factor in making “Armor Wars” a movie.

The story revolves around the idea that Stark Technology is falling into the wrong hands, leading to online speculation that Robert Downey Jr. may return in some capacity (i.e. flashbacks, an AI hologram, etc.). Cheadle has already teased a “rebirth” for his character as he shows off Rhodes in his off hours.


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