Wonder Woman 1984 is the best-selling film of 2021 in home video


This news surprises me a bit, but I guess the numbers don’t lie. Wonder Woman 1984, which received very mixed reactions from critics and audiences alike, ended 2021 as the best-selling film on DVD and Blu-Ray.

According to statistics from The Numbers, Wonder Woman 1984 sold 1,427,182 units (608,686 DVDs and 818,496 on Blu-Ray) for a total of $ 34,450,146 in total consumer spending. The film topped both the individual DVD and Blu-Ray charts and beat other titles including The Croods: The New Age, which placed the number two on both graphs, and Godzilla vs. Kong.

Wonder Woman 1984 was one of the many films that suffered delays in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After several release date reshuffles, Warner Bros. ultimately chose the film to be the first in his day-to-day experience that saw the film release simultaneously on the HBO Max streaming service and in theaters. Keep in mind that the film hit theaters while many were still closed, but it ultimately grossed $ 46 million domestically and $ 166.5 million globally. Considering its budget of $ 200 million, the profits had to be earned elsewhere, so its home video broadcast was probably a sigh of relief for the studio, even if it didn’t take care of everything. money remaining on the table. Its streaming performances have also reportedly driven the HBO Max service to 41 million subscribers and, according to WarnerMedia, half of their subscribers watched the movie on Christmas Day when it was released. What this means in terms of profit is only known to the studio at this point.

What are your thoughts on Wonder Woman 1984 being the best-selling film of 2021 in home video?


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